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Paula Brooke Bennett


  • Looking for a challenging career that will allow me to gain more knowledge and experience.
  • I have many years of experience in retail management, cashiering, customer service, and stocking.


  • Looking for a challenging career that will allow me to gain more knowledge and experience.
  • Looking for a career that I can use my previous sales and customer servie experience to do well in.
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Employment History

11/2009- Present


Chattanooga, TN

2nd Assistant Sales Manager

  • As a 2nd Assistant Manager I perfromed many duties including: customer service, managing the sales floor, instructing others on tasks to be accomplished, opening and closing the store, processing returns and exchanges per compnay policy, and restocking.
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October, Now

Changeable Incorporated

Examplesville, MD

Mover & Shaker

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Mutable University

Exampleville, MD

Bachelors of Science with a focus in Editing Resumes

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